A powerhouse unlike any other. With the skills to back him, Sean made big noise in the dance world, became one of our First Nations’ leading comic geniuses and could entertain a microphone stand if he had to. Comedian, rap singer, dancer, hip-hop didge player, and hailing from Townsville with storm as his totem, this is the world of Sean. By Sean.

Sean’s ancestors are Gu-Gu-Yalanji, Kalkadoon, Kandju and Bwgcolman from around Townsville and Palm Island. Career highlights include hosting NITV’s Express Yourself, appearing on The Footy Show, Thank God You’re Here, the Squiz, Yarramundi Kids, Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala and dancing with Bangarra Dance Theatre. Sean has performed by special invitation for the Dalai Lama, Hale & Pace, and Prince Charles.

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