Whisky Galore is a play within a play with a cast of seven females who transform into more than 25 characters (including animals). Philip Goulding’s stage adaptation of Compton Mackenzie’s comedy classic is a tribute to the feisty all-female touring theatre companies of the post-war years.

The Pallas Players are a post-war all female theatre troupe who tour their productions. Their current work (in 1955) is set on the fictional isles of Great and Little Todday during the war years, when the whisky supply has dried up due to the government being busy diverting all supplies of whisky to the USA in an attempt to bribe the Americans into supporting the war effort.

Salvation arrives in the form of a shipping accident when a cargo vessel containing 50,000 cases of whisky runs aground. Then it’s every thirsty person for themself as the islanders try to rescue as many bottles as possible before Customs, and the stuffy leader of the Home Guard, can put a stop to their fun.

Performing 23rd – 2nd April 2022 (10 Performances)
Arts Theatre, 53 Angas Street, Adelaide

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