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Award-winning Australian playwright, Debra Oswald (Offspring, The Secret Life of Us) gives us intertwining stories of love, loss and grief as characters search for reasons, answers and purpose in the outback.

Jo, ferrying a cake for her husband Brent’s fortieth birthday, stops at the traffic lights only to see him in his vehicle puckering lips with the young office girl. Her short drive turns into a road trip with no particular destination in mind.

Andy and Carla, with children and dog in tow are looking for greener pastures. Their attempt at escaping yet another disappointment ends as it usually does; with disastrous consequences.

Frank, a widower retiree, chooses to live life on the edge rather than face a life of loneliness in a caravan park. Michael mourns a devestating loss.

Full of life and good humour, this is a play which explores the aspirations and idiosyncrasies of seemingly ordinary people as they cross the vast and far from ordinary Australian landscape.

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